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NUS Fencing Publicity Video

Our new publicity video is out! Welcome to NUS Fencing!

NUS Fencing AGM 2016


Dear all,

The NUS Fencing Annual General Meeting will be held on 8 September 2016 (Thursday). Do note that there will be no training on this date but members should attend the meeting should they be available (refreshments provided).

The agenda of the meeting will be as follows:

1. Announcement in change of club/team structure
2. Roadmap of NUS Fencing AY16/17
3. Expectations of future trainings & NUS Fencing members
4. TeamNUS achievements & goals
5. NUS Fencing AY16/17 Executive Committee Elections

As per every year, elections for the NUS Fencing Executive Committee will be held during the AGM. Current positions open to freshies with no prior experience are Secretary-Treasurer, Public Relations Director and Logistics Director! Do prepare a short introduction and pitch (as to why members should vote for you) if you intend to run, as well as prepare for any questions coming your way. See you there!


For more information on the full description of roles & responsibilities for each position in the NUS Fencing Executive Committee, do view the document at

[Thank You] NUS Fencing Appreciation Course 2016

The NUS Fencing Appreciation Course 2016 was held over 3 Thursdays for students who are interested in fencing to exposure themselves to the basics of the sport. We would like to thank all participants for coming down throughout the course and we hope that each and every one of you have valuable takeaways over all 3 sessions.


For more photos taken during the course, do visit our full photo album on Facebook.

[Join Us] NUS Fencing Appreciation Course 2016


The annual Fencing Appreciation Course is back! This year, we will be hosting it at the NUS UTown Stephen Riady Centre (Level 3).

We will be introducing the basic rules and techniques of fencing during the course. Also, you will get to spar with each other!

No prior experience is needed (its a full beginner’s course), and all the necessary equipment will be provided. So come and meet new friends and pick up fencing and experience a ball of a time in NUS!

Feel free to invite your friends along for the course! Registration will be done during the course – there is no need to have signed up for the course via Student Life Fair / Facebook / eSurvey.

Do not hesitate to contact Chun Wee (9652 5870) if you have any queries. We also welcome messages on our Facebook page.

Dates: 18 August, 25 August, 1 September (Thursdays)
Time: 7.00pm – 10.00pm
Venue: UTown, Stephen Riady Centre, Level 3 Corridor
Fee: $15 (please bring exact change if possible)
Attire: Sports attire (shorts or trackpants) with shoes
Items to bring (optional): Water bottle, towel

Asian Varsity Fencing Championships 2016

The Asian Varsity Fencing Championships 2016 organised by Singapore Management University was held over the weekend on 2nd and 3rd of July.

We would like to congratulate the following representatives from NUS:

Mens Epee (Individual)
Ip Yuan Chang – Gold

Womens Foil (Individual)
Jeslin Bay – Bronze

Womens Epee (Individual)
Celine Chong – Gold

Womens Epee (Team)
Celine Chong – Gold
Melissa Tan – Gold
Tan Yi Gain – Gold
Kellie Chong – Gold

For more photos taken during the event do visit our albums here (day 1) and here (day 2). Thank you to all who came down to support our fencers!


NUS Fencing Challenge 2016

NUS Fencing Challenge 2016 took place over a span of two days – 20th and 21st of February. The results are as follows:

20th February 2016

Men’s Epee
Lim Wei Wen – Gold
Daniel Foo – Silver
Cheo Hu Gang – Joint Bronze
Lai Jinru – Joint Bronze

Women’s Foil
Christabel Yong – Gold
Antonia Rezac – Silver
Jeslin Bay – Joint Bronze
Jaxine Yeo – Joint Bronze

Men’s Sabre
Ahmad Saharuddin – Gold
Sia Tze Kai – Silver
Sia Tze Yang – Joint Bronze
Cao Yubo – Joint Bronze

21st February 2016

Women’s Epee
Fiona Ip – Gold
Celine Chong – Silver
Leong Mei Lin – Joint Bronze
Crystal Wong – Joint Bronze

Men’s Foil
Jeremoth Tan – Gold
Cheo Hu Gang – SIlver
Zhang Zhenggang – Joint Bronze
Matthew James Lim – Joint Bronze

Women’s Sabre
Christabel Yong – Gold
Lim Xin Yi – Silver
Bavithra Rajendran – Joint Bronze
Angeline Lai – Joint Bronze

We would like to thank all participants and congratulate the winners of NUS FC 2016. See you next year! For the full photo album, please check out our Facebook Page at or click here (day 1) and here (day 2).


NUS Fencing Camp

The annual NUS Fencing Camp was held on 28th and 29th December 2015 during the vacation period after semester 1 of AY2015/2016.

The 2-day camp has brought fencers of different weapons within the club closer through a series of activities as well as a large steamboat gathering to end off the event.

For more photos taking during Fencing Camp, do visit our Facebook photo album here!

Notice: Cancellation of Training (30/09/2015)

Hi everyone! Due to the recent haze conditions, do note that training on 30/09/2015 is cancelled! Training after the 30th will resume as per normal unless further notice is issued.

Take the time to rest up and study hard for your mid-term examinations!


Do take note that training this week will be cancelled due to the high PSI levels. We will resume training next week unless further notice is issued. Do stay tuned to our Facebook Page for updates!

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